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My expertise is all about understanding your specific challenges regarding anxiety. I'll work with you to identify your core fears, & I'll teach you practical techniques to manage & release anxiety. Together, we'll explore your triggers, & build healthy coping strategies, all within a safe environment without judgment. Step by step, we'll address those irrational beliefs through something called gradual exposure, showing you how strong you truly are in overcoming your anxiety.


Self-esteem is your personal assessment of worth, shaped by upbringing, experiences, and interactions. Based on conversations with women, I believe boosting self-esteem is crucial for sustainable mental health enhancement. Our treatment centers on nurturing positive self-esteem for overall well-being.


I approach depression treatment by assisting you in recognizing your current emotional, thought, & behavioral patterns that may contribute to the cycle of depression. Once we unveil this cycle, we develop effective strategies to navigate strong emotions. Our objective isn't to erase your feelings but to empower you to manage them without being overwhelmed. Let's lift the weight of depression, restoring joy, motivation, and confidence for the life you envision.


I specialize in treating PTSD through a secure, understanding space where you can openly share your trauma experiences at your pace. Through sharing your story, we address the distressing emotions tied to trauma. I employ a step-by-step practice, gently guiding you to confront these feelings in manageable stages within a safe environment. The aim is to empower you to face these emotions while practicing positive self-talk, utilizing relaxation techniques, and cultivating a mindful presence. 


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented therapeutic approach that focuses on the current moments. Its primary objective is to equip you with practical skills to effectively manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. By pinpointing and challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, CBT assists you in renewing your mind to overcome these obstacles and improve your quality of life.

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